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Roadmaster Active Suspension

Roadmaster is the Ultimate Assist for Leaf Spring Suspension.

Roadmaster is a suspension upgrade and the only one on the market that converts basic “passive” leaf springs into mechanically “active” suspension. A system that instantly absorbs and dissipates load force energy resulting in significantly improved vehicle stability, balance, traction and control, with or without a load. Roadmaster Active Suspension adds critical strength to leaf springs but WILL NOT compromise ride quality. The patented design eliminates bottoming out, axle wrap and wheel hop, greatly improves road handling by reducing sway and dangerous body roll on cornering, and strengthens the rear leaf springs for towing or hauling maximum loads with maximum safety. Vehicles and fleets that consistently operate under load benefit from improved fuel efficiency, vehicle safety and load carrying capacity as well as reduced driver fatigue and extended tire and suspension component life. RAS is a simple retrofit to most every pickup truck and van with rear leaf springs, with up to a 1 1/2 ton capacity, and once installed no adjustments or maintenance is ever required.

What Is Axle Wrap?

Fleet Authority is a Roadmaster Active Suspension Dealer 

It Makes Passenger Vans Safer!

​The hazard of 12 and 15 passenger vans has been widely publicized in the media. With over 1,000,000 of these vans on the roads today, there is documentary proof that these vans can be a danger on the roads. It is a vehicle with a very high center of gravity, that when fully loaded becomes almost three times more likely to rollover in an emergency situation. Many fatal rollover crashes involved model years 1981-2008 vans manufactured by Ford, Dodge / Daimler Chrysler, and General Motors / Chevrolet.


Roadmaster Active Suspension will make your van safer and less prone to rollover. The Roadmaster patented breakthrough design of Roadmaster Active Suspension (RAS) literally revolutionizes the performance of rear leaf springs. Like powerful muscles, RAS captures the arch of the leafs thereby transforming a load resisting system into a load absorbing one. One that responds instantly to almost anything the road has to offer.


The system consists of a set of two very powerful, variable rated, coil springs designed to support and assist rear leaf springs. Once installed, loaded tension from the eye-to-axle mounted coil tension springs hold the leaf springs in their original designed bowed position. When strain from load or vehicle weight shift is applied to the leaf springs, the stabilizers come into action immediately, absorbing the force of the load. Being variable rated, the greater the strain, the more counter-assistance force from the RAS unit. The absorbed load

is then dissipated via the coil and the effect of load force energy to the rear leaf springs is greatly reduced. Bottoming out is eliminated and the vehicle has a more level, safer ride.


Similarly, RAS reduces body roll by supporting the leaf springs which are taking the increased load. By not allowing these springs to flatten out, the vehicle corners more level with greater contact of all four tires to the road. Improved traction translates to better control and handling. The resulting stability and reduced sway are felt immediately.


According to Roadmaster, their system is the only aftermarket leaf spring suspension upgrade in the world that absorbs load and as such delivers a level of safety and comfort that competitive load assist systems can only dream about providing.





Roadmaster Active Suspension is the only rear leaf spring suspension upgrade that converts basic “passive” leaf spring suspension to mechanical “active” suspension. Our system absorbs and dissipates load force energy, resulting in significantly reduced or eliminated rear squat caused by heavy loads. It improves vehicle stability, balance, traction and control, all with (or without) a load. Roadmaster Active Suspension adds critical strength to leaf springs, but will not compromise ride quality.


Why Install It......It Makes A Safer & Smoother Ride

A Recent Install - Our Client Says

Application:  2021 GMC Sierra Denali

Phil and his team are excellent. They put a Roadmaster Active Suspension on my truck. Works as advertised. I would recommend Phil and Fleet Authority.

B. McIntire       October 12, 20222

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