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Free Test Drives

Fleet Authority staff are happy to test drive your vehicle to identify issues accurately which better predicts your down time.

Free Re-Inspections

If your vehicle failed a Virginia State Safety Inspection, bring it to Fleet Authority. We will evaulate the vehicle, perform the necessary repairs and then re-inspect the vehicle for free,

Catch A Ride

Fleet Authority is only yards away from a major bus stop and approximately two miles from the Orange line of the metro system.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Don't BUY a used vehicle without a professional evaluation first.  Fleet Authority offers pre-purchase inspections taylored to the type and style of vehicle you are buying.

What Makes Us Different is Service...

                                                          The Way It Should Be!

When you call Fleet Authority you are going to get one of the owners on the phone. We build close working relationships with our customers and we strive to serve your scheduling needs. We know how hard it is to live and work in Nothern Virginia with a broken down car. Transportation is a must! So, we give it our all to return your car quickly.

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