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T.I.R.E. Safety - An Easy to Follow Guideline

5 minutes of your time each month can insure the safety of your family and friends Check your tires (including the spare) each month using these guidelines
  • Tread Depth & Wear:  A simple way to determine whether you need tires is the quarter test. Insert a quarter upside down into your tire's tread. If the tread of your tire does not touch George Washington's head, it's time to have your tires replaced.
  • Inflation:  Check the air pressure monthly and before taking any long trips.  Poor inflation can cause premature wear, increased fuel consumption and tire failure.

  • Rotation:  Your tires should be rotated every 3,000-5,000 miles.  When done consistently, this helps maintain proper traction and gives you the maximum tread life.

  • Eye Check Daily:  Inspect your tires daily for penetrations, bulges, cracks, and abnormal wear.  Don't forget to check the tire edges for damage caused by misalignment or under-inflation.

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Fall Leaves - Keep'Em off the Hood of your car!

See those air grates on top of the hood of your car, near your wiper blades? They suck in air for your ac system. Keep them free of tree debris and clutter. Fall leaves can get sucked up into these air conditioning intakes. This can reduce or stop air flow when you attempt to use your a/c in the warmer months soon to come. Clean them out now or whenever you see tree or foilage buildup before it causes any damage or problems. If you use your a/c when debris is on the intakes, the matter can get sucked up into your a/c system and cause trouble in the future.
Golden Leaves

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